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Our Promise

"It’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress."
Rehab Queens

The Idea

We offer the finest brands in the world at affordable prices because we want to help women look fantastic while simultaneously promoting a reuse/recycle philosophy to lessen the impact of non-stop manufacturing on our earth. We embrace women of all sizes and hold marginalized communities dear. We do not carry sizes that might be triggering to vulnerable communities, like those with eating disorders. 5% of yearly profits are donated to Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness.

Style & Quality

Our vibe is for women from eclectic backgrounds and and all sizes who want clothing that is a creative mix of designers, vintage labels and will occasionally add in more eccentric, one-of-a-kind clothes to celebrate your individuality. Our wish is to extend the lifespan of high quality garments and positively impact customer’s lives with beauty and value. Being a conscious consumer matters and Rehab supports sustainability.

100% Secondhand

All of our clothing is secondhand (even though some is brand new!) and is scrupulously inspected for damage before it is put up for sale. For all the pieces, any condition issues will be noted in the description and shown in a photograph. Our garments are fully researched and historical information is included in the description if relevant.

Used Designer Clothing

Rehab is dedicated to a reuse/recycle philosophy that is so much more than simply wearing used designer clothing. We understand that it takes 2,400 liters of water to make one crappy tshirt, and studies show that clothes get worn an average of 2 times before they are sent to the charity box or trash bin. As a response to this, we have created a business model that includes upcycled and re-purposed clothing so that one crappy t-shirt can potentially live a new life as a shredded, punky top, tank top or even a dress for a child.

Interestingly, we occasionally come across brand new clothes while we are on the hunt, and when we find these gems we always pass the significant savings onto our valued customers. We have connections in the world of fashion stylists and influencers so our clothes are in camera-ready shape. We believe in luxury for everyday women, and as sustainability increasingly becomes a lifestyle, not just a buzzword, Rehab has your used designer clothing back!

Used Vintage Clothing

San Francisco is the backdrop for much of our thrifting efforts, and this is often where we find used vintage clothing as the Bay Area is fanatical about vintage. Rehab haunts the Mission neighborhood, which is legendary for many reasons, and thrifting is done ninja-style here. Got rubber sole shoes, a face mask and black catsuit (of course you do)? We’ll find each other because we are always on the hunt, and we work hard to bring the most wearable vintage styles to you, recognizing that most women will want to combine vintage women’s clothing with either pieces from other eras (note how we put together the 80’s leather mini with the 50’s cashmere and mink cardigan) or pull their look together using mostly modern finds with vintage accents. We often find brand new designer clothes at our coveted and ultra-secret thrifting venues along with used vintage clothing, and we pass the fantastic savings along to our favorite clients — you! We believe that all women deserve everyday luxury, and our goal is to spread the fabulousness on and on. Rehab has you covered!

Photography by Winnie Smith (Instagram: @winnie_wanders)

MUAH by Danni Delgado (Instagram: @dannidoeslife)

Model is Duy (Instagram: @zuionleecyrus)

Model is Electra (Instagram: @islandkiss)