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Designer Clothing Lookbook

Originally, a designer clothing lookbook or vintage clothing lookbook was used by a designer preparing for a runway show or photoshoot. This was used along with polaroids to help staff make sure models had the right shoes, outfit, hair, makeup etc for the event. Today, every fashion website has a lookbook, and people consult them for everything from what is current and trendy right now to how in the world a beauty queen can style that chartreuse tube top with her blonde beehive and
Carmen Miranda platforms. We bet you have some ideas!

We at Rehab value beautifully made high-end used clothing and we love the idea of offering it to fabulous ladies at prices often below what they would pay for a new and comparable item of inferior quality and style. Because you are buying used or vintage you are not contributing to the production of new clothing, thus no new resources will be used, and because of that garment longevity is key.

Vintage Clothing Lookbook

Thankfully, vintage clothing is always in style, and not just for aesthetic appeal. Take a look at our vintage clothing lookbook and you will see an array of garments that are at least 40-50 years old. These lovelies have stood the test of time and will likely be around for another 50 years. Clothes like that are more valuable to women as the history it represents resonates with our own personal stories. Take a look at any of our glorious sweaters from the 1950’s, and your inner Marilyn or Elizabeth Taylor will immediately perk up and want to play! This is fantastic for our spirits and our planet because by wearing and buying vintage and used clothes we can combat 14.3 million tons of textile waste per year in the form of pesticides and water usage. Every piece that we save from a landfill is a victory won for us, and one vintage or beautifully constructed blouse will outlast three, five, maybe even ten or more new ones.

If you consult our vintage clothing lookbook or designer clothing lookbook, you will find a great way to get inspiration for your outfit because we match shoes and accessories to the total look. We consider this to be merely the starting point, however, because you are seeing Rehab’s vision for the outfit, and while it certainly provides a worthwhile guide in helping you choose outfits so you aren’t left with a shirt here and a dress there that doesn’t match anything else in your wardrobe, you will also develop your own fashion style through trial and error. This is actually one of our favorite things in the world (and we secretly imagine you creating your own designer clothing lookbook)! Please send us photos of how you’ve styled that 60’s caftan or 90’s grunge dress, so we can all enjoy the beauty and creativity of your