Frequently asked questions

Got questions for the Queens of Rehab? Ask away!

Where do you find all these amazing clothes?

We thrift our little hearts out! We also have connections with stylists and others in the fashion business, who kindly pass along scores to our lucky little hands.

Are the clothes clean, stain free, hole free and from a smoke free environment?

Yes, yes, yes and absolutely! We inspect each garment for wear and damage before selling, and any piece with issues will be photographed and described in detail.

I notice you don’t carry teeny sizes - why?

Our philosophy is body positive and inclusive, so any sizing that could be triggering to a vulnerable population, like those suffering with an eating disorder, will not be carried on Rehab. This specifically refers to sizes XS, 0, 00 or any other type of “vanity” sizing.

Why “Rehab”?

We’re so committed to reuse/recycle that we consider the TLC some of our lovely garments need before selling as a loving form of Rehab! We’re also big Amy Winehouse fans.