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Vintage Women’s Clothing

Are you a lady from a bygone era trapped in the modern world? Is vintage women’s clothing your go-to look, especially mixed with modern pieces? Welcome to Rehab, friend! We feel you and understand how hard it can be to find original vintage pieces that fit, work with your lifestyle and don’t look like you’re constantly heading to a costume party. Our unfortunate predecessors had to endure endless cigarettes, martinis and girdles to squeeze into those tiny sizes, so when it comes to describing our very wearable women’s vintage clothing we will always include as much sizing info as we can, which will be typically given in flat measurements, since numerical sizing for vintage women’s clothing has changed multiple times over the decades and it does not coincide with today’s sizing (not to mention we now have vanity sizing, plus sizing and “reality” sizing, whatever that means).

Rehab’s approach to finding clothing is to thrift our hearts out in the Northern California Bay Area and bring the most wearable vintage styles to you, recognizing that most women will want to combine vintage women’s clothing with either pieces from other eras (note how we put together the 80’s leather mini with the 50’s cashmere and mink cardigan) or pull their look together using mostly modern finds with vintage accents. We often find brand new designer clothes at our coveted ultra-secret thrifting venues, and pass the fantastic savings along to our favorite clients — you! We believe that all women deserve everyday luxury, and our goal is to spread the fabulousness on and on. Rehab has you covered! 

Not only do we dearly love vintage women’s clothing, but we also source the finest in modern used designer clothing with high end names like Helmut Lang, Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander and many others. We add this into the vintage mix because Rehab is passionate about our emerging circular economy and recognizes that, as a planet, we need to come to terms with the 8% contribution to global warming that the fashion industry puts out yearly. We fully support how the slow fashion movement has taken hold and Rehab was created so we (and our planet) can all benefit from consciously purchasing fine quality used clothing. 

Additionally, we are sensitive to how triggering sizing can be to vulnerable populations, like people with eating disorders and really just women everywhere, so we lovingly promote body positivity along with our brilliant collection of designer and vintage women’s clothing. We employ models of various ethnicities, sizes and gender identities. As we move forward, we plan on using models of ages you might not see represented in the fashion industry everyday. Rehab will always look for something new, distinctive and gorgeous to bring to all women. We truly believe in an inclusive model of business, and feel this approach is the future of fashion.