Mix vintage clothing with modern clothing

You Say You Want to Mix Vintage w/Modern Clothes but Don’t Know How?

You are not completely crazy, let me reassure you. It’s a thing, for sure, and you can master the techniques the pros use to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank! First of all, vintage pieces automatically elevate a modern look into the stratosphere of cool. Second, a head to toe vintage look is for a muscle car rally or night at women’s roller derby (both of which I heartily endorse), so for everyday wear I recommend choosing one vintage piece or accessory and mixing it up with your contemporary pieces. For example, a fabulous 90’s Courtney Love style dress looks incredible with modern chunky heel pumps or crazy leopard print calf hair Birkenstocks (stay with me here). Personally, I would then throw on a 70’s macrame bag, but you could also get nuts with a fanny pack. Point is, mix that shit up! And, of course, always have fun with it!’’

‘Night, queens!

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